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設計師羅一鳴從事廣告,室內和產品設計工作有12年豐富經驗。 Light with Shade於2014創立,開始專注於燈光設計。團體喜歡發掘不同物料,着重作品的故事性,提供多元化的設計服務,包括燈飾產品和禮品設計,室內設計和視覺裝置。 我們曾參與多個本地、 歐美的酒店、餐廳、商場等燈光設計項目。首個3D LED燈泡系列URI於2016年推出,並於2018年獲得德國紅點產品設計獎。近年我們參於藝術設計,“城市之光” 藝術系列曾於亞洲當代藝術展、畫廊及酒店展出。


Our team is creative and never stops exploring new materials on our design. In 2016, our astronomy inspired lighting collection, URI ( was successfully funded in Kickstarter campaign. In 2018, we are honored to achieve Red Dot Product Design Award and Hong Kong Smart Design Award. Since last year, we started to explore on art field.


The exhibition “City of Lighting” showcases the unique beauty of 1960s Hong Kong's signboard neon lighting. The luminous collection has presented in Asian Contemporary Art, gallery and hotel in Hong Kong.


We are very experienced on product design from retail, seasonal gift to art luminous installation from small to large scale project.